SSSP - site specific safety plan

1. We will setup a detailed SSSP for your project


2. SSSP software to do it yourself

Create a sssp quickly

Once you have the software system setup, you can create a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) quickly.

For most businesses, the work tasks are similar if not the same as a previous contract.

Edit the relevant sections, and produce a new plan.

The plan must be specific to that project


can we set it up for you?

Option 1&2 – Same day service (if in by 10:00)

Option 3 – 2 days from receipt of all info required. 

We do this all the time and have systems to assist us.

Save time - focus on your project

fall in love with our features

Online access

QSafe is an online system which means you can access data from PC, tablet or phone. Data is stored in a remote server, and backed up for security. We can also access the system to assist you if needed.

Access from site

Update information from site as required, so you do not have to wait to get back to the office/home.

Simple and logical

Designed in a simple format in plan language. Our average client is a regular business owner - we have tried to make it as user-friendly as possible

Amazingly flexible

Use master document, edit them for personalised future use, or create custom content. Program customisation is also possible (POA).

Full support

Free online support for our clients by email, phone, text, Teamviewer, zoom, and chatbox (often 24 hour support).

Easy to use interface

Buttons and lists. Select what you want.
Use standard data, update standard data, or create new from scratch.