What is a SSSP?

A SSSP or Site Specific Safety Plan is what a company is preparing for a site and is used to plan, prepare and maintain the necessary systems that ensure the health and safety of their own workers , and others that might get affected by their activities, is not negatively affected.

Documents that help you keep details up to date and relevant:

Company document expiry dates
Training certificates with expiry date notification
Policy and Procedure – unlimited storage – edit and add
Worker management
Subcontractor management
Hazard identification
TA  -Task Analysis with drop-down choice
JSA – Job Safety Analysis with drop-down choice
Risk assessment builder app.
SWP – Safe work procedures – edit and add
SOP – Safe Operating Procedures – edit and add
Training schedules
Training matrix
Training course requirements
Training certificate generator
Tools and management
Checklists and registers… and more

……All are easy to edit and update.

We offer the service of setting this up for you.
Setup will be done in such a way you can easily manage it and update it.

What is our point of difference?

Experience not only in health and safety, but many years working in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Understanding of your business and how it works.

Understanding of the challenges you face.

Setup of a detailed computer based safety system which is easy to access and update.

Excellent customer service.

We are always available for support and assistance.

What is included?

SSSP  – Site Specific Safety Plan – Create Quickly

A SSSP is a detailed set of documents

It is part of your company safety management system and refers to one specific project.

SMS Safety Software allows you to create this quickly. You can then print it to a set of pdf or printed documents.

The dedicated SSSP section is created using the guidelines from SiteSafe and SiteWise and allows you to select as many documents as needed for your Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP).
One click and all are selected for automatic printing.

OHS – Occupational Health and Safety – OSH / SHE / SHEQ

This is a worldwide initiative to reduce or eliminate accidents in the workplace.

SMS Safety Software creates a detailed safety management system.

The system allows you to keep your company compliant with the least amount of effort.

Effective compliance and systems prevents penalties by Worksafe NZ.

Our job is to help you achieve this.

SMS Safety Software is flexible enough to be used for OHS in any country and in any industry.
The system allows you to add any relevant documents required.

Suggestions for improvements to our Safety Management System are welcomed by the the product developers.

Risk Assessment – Drop down lists make it quick and easy

Dedicated hazard identification can be done with the assistance of the SMS Safety management System phone app*. Take a set of pre-start photos of a site and identify potential hazards which need to be included in your risk assessment and TA – Task Analysis or JSA – Job Safety Analysis.

Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility.

It is the responsibility of company management to identify hazards relating to the company activity.

Risk assessments are an important part of identifying hazards.

See how to eliminate and reduce the risks.

SMS Safety Software has a powerful risk assessment builder tools. It will allow you to compile lists of risk components and their controls to reduce that risk.

The ‘Risk Assessment Builder App.’ alows the user to create multiple risk assessments quickly – often by duplicating an existing one and editing the contents.
It includes 400+ pre-written tasks which can be added to any new or existing risk assessment. Create new, or edit existing risk assessment.

View Risk Assessment video HERE

SMS Phone App.

Experience not only in health and safety, but many years working in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Update immediately from site.

1. Incident and accident recording.

Hazard identification and reporting.

Site inspection photos and hazard identification.

Site briefing.

Evaluation of worker safety performance.


Benefits of a SAFETY FILE software system

Kim Wood


  1. 30+ years experience
  2. Business owner in manufacturing
  3. Business owner in construction related products
  4. 8+ years in safety software systems
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*SMS Safety Sytem Phone App is only available for Standard, Premium and PRO options (i.e. Online systems)